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    3BM- GJO 1318 Gjoa Haven Water Licence Renewal , Type B

  • Community and Government Services (CGS)
  • Shah Alam
  • Helen Maksagak Centre
  • Cambridge Bay, NU X0B 0C0 Canada
Primary Contact
  • Community and Government Services (CGS)
  • Shah Alam
  • Helen Maksagak Centre
  • Cambridge Bay, NU X0B 0C0 Canada
  • 8679834156
  • Fax: 8679834123
Regulatory Authorities

The Hamlet of Gjoa Haven is responsible for the supply of potable water and disposal of sewage waste and solid waste generated from the community. These facilities are currently operating under the current Licence 3BM-GJO 1318 which remains active until Nov 12, 2018. The buried water line sometime faces frozen issues due to crack in insulation or insufficient coverage which required replacing some of the sections of the pipe line. Water line improvement works also included replacement of two heat exchanger pumps, increase sizes of intake pumps, and SCADA monitoring system- all completed during the year 2015-2017. Raw water drawn from Swan lake by two intake pumps, transport to 3.2 km away treatment plant through buried line where water is treated by gravity pressure filtration and chlorination before truckfill for delivery. Water flow meters are included in the treatment system to address the volume of water drawn and delivery to residents using Hamlet operated water trucks. Current engineered lagoon constructed in 2014 and in operation for raw sewage deposition and primary treatment. Decanting of effluent carried during July-August by using pump and hose to a designated point on wetland from where the effluent travels 1275 m towards Ocean through the Final Discharge point GJO-4. The old sewage lagoon was decommissioned and the A&R plan was received to the Board on July 25, 2014. Solid waste site facility had some issues over the years in terms of mixing runoff contamination within the solid waste management (SWMA) area and hazardous materials leachate mixing onto water through wetland, poor segregation in waste dumps, illegal dumping outside the facility, broken spots of fence and poor performance of facility operations. The community has fixed majority of those issues over the years with own resources and some assistance through Government initiatives including the reduction in vehicles parts, reinstalling the fallen fences, filling the broken gaps of berms and stopping the leachate runoff from free flow outside. A sampling monitoring point GJO-5 and signage established for leachate sampling. Other monitoring stations GJO-2, GJO-3, GJO-4 are remains active with GPS locations and identity signage. Monitoring of solid waste and sewage facilities continued during May-August and operators training of Environmental Awareness. Annual Reports are upto date to the Board to 2017.

Assessment Phase / Activity
  • Application screening started 2018-11-07
  • Screening Cancelled 2018-11-07
  • Kitikmeot
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2018-11-07 13:48:32

NIRB 125411 / 13UN032: Termination of Assessment Activities for GN-CGS’s "3BM-GJO1318 Gjoa Haven Water Licence Renewal, Type B” Project Proposal, Pursuant to NuPPAA Subsection 141(2)


    Dear Parties,

    Please see the attached correspondence from the Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB or Board) for Government of Nunavut – Community and Government Services’ (GN-CGS) “3BM-GJO1318 Gjoa Haven Water Licence Renewal, Type B” Project Proposal (NIRB: 13UN032; NPC: 148882).

    Should you have any questions or require clarification regarding the termination of the assessment of “3BM-GJO1318 Gjoa Haven Water Licence Renewal, Type B" project, please contact Tara Arko – Director, Technical Services at (867) 983-4611 or

    Best regards,

    Cassel Kapolak
    Environmental Administrator

    Nunavut Impact Review Board
    P.O. Box 1360
    Cambridge Bay, NU X0B 0C0
    Phone: (867) 983-4600
    Fax: (867) 983-2594
    Toll Free: 1-866-233-3033

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